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Canada’s famous brand. Now regarded as a national treasure of the brand, known as “cold artifact.” Known as able to withstand extreme cold of Antarctica to the Arctic wind chills. Was provided to Canada North of the border patrol, police and environmental monitoring and other special types of work clothes, also United States National Science Foundation Antarctic expedition of required equipment.

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Nicolas Cage in national treasure movie wearing the expedition series

Founder of Poland immigrant Sam Tick (hope one day our generation of Chinese immigrants could make such a big achievement) was set up in 1957 the company named Metro Sportswear Ltd. (whose name is not on the tall, sporting goods company is Metro). Focus on build outdoor winter sports products.

Founder of the first generation of true

In the early 80 ‘s, the company changed hands. New boss told David Reiss (son-in-law of the boss … Prevent costly spillovers on to one another). In 1985, he produced by the factory’s canada goose trillium parka (hooded coat) to register “the Snow Goose” brand. In the early 90 ‘s, when manufacturers start selling in European countries, and found that the name has been registered in Europe. Then changed its name to become “Canada Goose”.

Talk about the dress. First off, this dress is called the Canada Goose jacket sale toronto but don’t you think he is goose down, he was down. But he claims his duck down someone else’s well, 625 Fill Power White DuckDown. … is equivalent to 625 Peng. Truth be told this is not high. Colombia, North, Punta 900,950. Why do you keep warm, he can have canada goose womens jacket his unique recipe. Secondly, his hat with the Coyotes that ring is on top (Coyote Fur) looking at grade (but animal lovers call all day. Including so many Duck feather … )。 Outermost shells are special materials and clothes, waterproof and windproof. Finally, this dress is a lifetime warranty, LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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Clothes to keep warm. That’s for sure. And down jackets to keep warm than General. Small series of Canada before the geese, Himalayan range. Sense of self, no Canada goose parka toronto warm. Canada goose, each section has its own index of cold resistance. At present, civil, is -30C of the highest indices of cold resistance, and temperature. Wearing the dress, which is usually short-sleeved, most take a sweater. Sweaters, cardigans affirmation of what not to wear. In a Word, really warm.

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