Cool product 丨 warm gear, one is worth your 10, Canada Goose Hybridge

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1, Canada Goose Hybridge jacket
If the city you live in higher latitude, so must be very cold in the winter, a few months after, you would only have spent at home. However, maybe you put on after CanadaGoose Hybdridge coat can go out to see the snow.

CANADA GOOSE Hybridge Jacket Pacific Blue Mens

Canada vast, most North end near the Arctic Parka according to the situation of the company as early as in the 1980S designed the first CanadaGoose–Big Red. Latest Hybdridge Sutton surface formed by the 3 layer laminated fabric, not only waterproof and excellent air permeability, make you feel neither hot nor cold, warmth, 800 fill power duck down below-20 c can keep you warm.

2, solar-heated gloves
Seirus company preparing to launch a new SolarSphere warm gloves, gloves by daylight, accurate are infrared rays from the Sun to enhance internal glove temperature, temperature increase of 10 degrees. Canada goose Outlet Next, Seirus SolarSphere warm gloves will do further testing

Well, the days are getting shorter in the northern hemisphere, when you ride home, it was already dark and the weather has turned cold, which you might do some preparation, lucky,Canada goose Online X-Cap to meet you both warm and lighting needs.

X-Cap shape is a knitted hat, head had a detachable head light and can charge. Headlights bright enough to influence the people watching you, of course, this is after you chose the strong brightness of headlights, headlight X-Cap provides 4 kinds of strength. A single charge can use the 4 hours of uninterrupted, you can head to the lights of charging first charging through USB interface.

4, DC Travis Rice boots
Winter boots by DC 17 Travis Rice series launched,canada goose hybridge jacket mens make this series of boots inspired by Rice’s latest film (the fourth dimension). We see this referred to as blackseliner, by Aerotech Ventilation system adjust the humidity and temperature, inside formed by EVA memory foam, while the external is a one-time thermoforming, Boa Lacing System, unique design. Priced at $400.